Rob is a risk management executive and attorney with over 20 years of corporate and legal experience. As an executive, he has advised the C-Suite and Boards on governance, enterprise risk management, and strategy. As a lawyer, he has structured and executed the sale of businesses, mitigated risk, and planned estates. As a professor of risk management and economics, he is always eager to communicate effectively and explain the details to his clients. Rob's philosophy is that the practice of law doesn't mean someone always has to lose. He firmly believes in working together to find a solution that is best for everyone

Amy, the firm's paralegal, has an MBA and nearly 20 years of professional experience including a decade managing business affairs in the nursing and health care industries. The experience and insight she gained from working with trustees, executors, Medicaid, and other regulators gives her invaluable knowledge when it comes to real world outcomes. She knows what makes a good estate plan, long term care plan, and how Medicaid planning and special needs trust work in reality. She wants more than anything to help you avoid the mistakes and hiccups she saw throughout her career. 

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Robert B Stratton is licensed to practice law in Oregon and Washington states.


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