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Robert B Stratton

Risk management, Governance, Compliance, and Leadership - Legal Advisory and Consultancy

Robert B Stratton, Esquire, MBA is an expert in risk management, governance, compliance, and advanced leadership issues.  Rob pulls from his considerable experience in industry and academia to advise organizations and leadership.   To combat uncertainty and complexity caused by the rapid advancements in regulation, technology, and economics, Rob combines multiple disciplines for comprehensive insight.  

Robert B Stratton is an attorney licensed to practice law in Oregon and Washington states.  In addition to a juris doctor, he holds a MBA and bachelors of science in management.

Rob's passions are in economics, behavioral economics, and risk management.  He applies his expertise in these areas to his legal practice, which focuses in business, negotiation, and risk management advisory.


Previously, Rob was the executive director of the Business Design Lab, a business accelerator.  He started his career in technology at one of the most innovative companies around, Vulcan Inc.

Lastly, Rob is a professor with several thousand hours of classroom contact time.  He teaches management, risk management, and economics.  Rob is a polished public speaker with a sense of humor and friendly yet commanding presence.  



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